David Rice Atchison Family

Atchison, David Rice
(1807-1886) Born in Kentucky. Member of Missouri state legislature; U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1843-48, 1849-55. Interment at Greenlawn Cemetery, Plattsburg, Mo. Atchison counties in Kan. and Mo. are named for him.

David Rice Atchison president for a day, on Sunday, between the term of 11th & 12th Presidents, and supposedly related to my family. There is only circumstantial evidence in that Alex Atchison emigrated from Ireland and went straight to Bath County, KY where the bulk of the U.S. Atchisons lived at the time. David R. Atchison & family moved to Bunchanan County, MO area with my family in the 1800s. I was always told that we were cousins but most of the recorded D. R. Atchison family history that may have shown the connection was apparently lost in a fire during the Civil War.

Other David Rice Atchison sources:

1. Alex Atchison - emigrant from Ireland

1.1 William Atchison b. Feb 2, 1770, Pennsylvania
sp. Catherine Allen

1.1.1 David Rice Atchison b. Aug. 11, 1807, Frogtown, KY
1.1.2 etc. more bros & sisters. (fill in later)

I'll be posting more information on this lineage soon.

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