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The Atchison Genealogy Database
Some of this information I collected as a young lad straight from many of the sources. My paternal grandmother, great-aunts and uncles were born between 1890-1910 and they lived to be about 80 so the data on my direct ancestors is very accurate back to about 1850. I was truly bitten by the genealogy bug again in 1989 and started doing some serious research. This represents the culmination of my recent research and collaboration with several genealogy researchers. There is still additional information yet to be included and a few discrepancies to be fixed but genealogy is never finished.

Some dates you may find vary slightly from those in some reference books or CD-ROMS. In most cases I used the dates that appeared most frequently in various public records, especially the original hand-written records, and dates from various sources that collaborated each other. Always keep in mind that errors can (and do) occur when records are being transcribed into books or electronic form.


Submissions Welcome!
Submissions of data for ATCHISON or related family trees is always welcome. This is not a commercial venture and the purpose of collecting all of this informationis in the hopes of connecting all of the lost tribes of Atchisons out there.Great strides have been made already thanks mostly to collaborations with otherAtchison researchers

Electronic submissions may be made in either GEDCOM or Family Tree Maker formats.Reports in text format or sending hardcopy by U.S. mail are also acceptable but will obviouslytake longer for me to get online! Pictures and additional information are also welcome.


This page may be bookmarked but do not make any bookmarks directly to the genealogy contents. These pages are all automatically generated by GED2HTML software every time I generate a new database and the contents and locations of the pages may change.

Copyright Notice: This genealogical compilation is Copyright 1989-1998 William Atchison - All Rights Reserved. None of the genealogical information or photographs contained in Atchison.Net may be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes. This information is provided free of charge for the personal use of family genealogical researchers only. Any commercial use of this database is strictly prohibited.


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