Snapshots from India

These pictures were taken in New Delhi, India in the Fall of 1994 with a little Olympus point and shoot. They aren't great but they'll give you a glimpse into some of the many wonders of India.Taking these photos in India is what actually got me interested in photography.

Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb - Raised in 1565 by his spouse
Note the architectural similarity to the Taj Mahal.


The entrace to Humayun's Tomb above.


Lodi Gardens

Here are a couple of shots of tombs in the Lodi gardens.
The Gardens are quite beautiful and definitely worth a visit!

Tomb in Lodi Gardens
of Saiyad and Lodi rulers


Another tomb in Lodi Gardens

Qutab Minar
13th Century; built by pre-Mughal Delhi Sultans
This tower is very tall, about 500 feet or so.

Qutab Minar


This is a street scene from Noida, a small town outside of New Delhi. You can see some advertising from our fine friends at Pepsi, choice of a third world generation! These Pepsi signs were about as close as I got to the actual soda. The local cola in India is Campa Cola which appears to be a knock-off of Coke in looks but not in taste. I drank my share of Campa Cola because it's just about the only thing you can find.
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