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Fluorescent Monolith was a chunk from the bottom of a broken ash tray. The glass was embedded in black modeling clay for support. The red color in the center of the glass was reflected from a piece of red poster board located off camera to the right side of the glass.

Black Light Techniques

Black light images are usually easy to distinguish because of the limited number of fluorescent colors available. The lighting for these shots was a pair of 15" black lights (bulb #BLB15T ) that can be obtained from Orchard Hardware Supply. The glass was clear and the colors were all reflected off of inexpensive fluorescent (neon) poster board that can be found at most art supply stores.

Bottle in Black Light was an experiment in creating an image with a more deliberate use of reflected colors. A strip of red poster board was taped to the middle of a green poster board. Then the combined poster board was used as a reflector to provide the green highlight in the bottle with the thin red stripe down the middle of it. The bottle used was an Absolute Vodka (TM) bottle and the tricky part was first drinking just enough of the vodka so that the liquid didn't appear in the shot. The even trickier part was trying to operate a camera after drinking that much vodka, especially the manual focus!


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