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Use the "Circles of Confusion" to create art!

Learn how to:

  • Take great portraits in the ugliest of surroundings!

  • Turn a cluttered background into a painted backdrop!

  • Make out of focus background junk totally unrecognizable!

  • Make painterly images with brush strokes of your own creation!

  • Easily create surreal contemporary images!

  • Baffle judges and amaze your friends!

Confused? So is your camera…

The "Art of Confusion" is a simple technique that provides you with a new arsenal of artistic controls using the natural abilities of your telephoto lens! Whenever you have a shallow depth of field, you can add texture, pattern, or shape into the out of focus areas and get move than 'just a photo:.

During an experimental photo shoot a while back a group of freelance photographers converged on me wanting to know what in the heck was on my lens. They were amazed when they looked through my viewfinder and saw what the "Art of Confusion" could do to an image.

This workshop event can be scheduled for your photographic group or camera club.


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