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Mylar Photographic Technique

These images were created by taking photographs of distorted reflections in mylar. The original slide was projected on a wall near the floor and a large sheet of metallic mylar was laid on the floor. The reflected image in the mylar was photographed at f22 using Fuji Sensia 35mm slide film.


  • Q: Does your wife really have three eyes?
    A: No, only two. However, she does look that blurry when I'm really drunk.

  • Q: Was it really hot enough in London to melt the phone booth?
    A: No, I shot that picture while I was taking acid. That's exactly how I saw it through the lens.

  • Q: I heard they found life on Mars, is that Egret really from Mars?
    A: No, the Egret was just a mutation I found near a local nuclear power plant.

  • Q: Where did you find a wind surfer with such long bowed arms?
    A: I hired some elastic guy that used to model for Marvel Comics.


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