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Scrambler was shot at about 1/15 of a second while I was seated inside the moving ride! I was a little nervous when I climbed aboard this carnival ride with my daughter and my brand new camera in hand. After a few seconds I figured the camera was a lost cause about to be reduced to techno-trash, but I managed to pull off a couple of interesting shots anyway. The camera remarkably survived without any noticeable problems.

Rush Hour Train was taken while waiting for CalTrain to get the hell out of my way. With nothing better to do I pulled out the camera, shut off the engine, and snapped this little shot at 1/15 second from my dashboard. Notice the reflection of the traffic signal in my windshield which shows up on the left hand side above the car in the foreground.



Blurred Motion Techniques

This is one of the simplest of all photographic techniques which is to simply set the camera in Shutter priority mode and select a speed like 1/15 of a second. Unless the camera is mounted on a tripod you may want to take several shots just to make sure you got one which has some sharp elements in it.

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