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Golden TipsFaint HaloBlurs and Outlines

Painting with Flowers - These flowers were used to paint all over the black canvas of Fuji Sensia 100 film. The effects were done entirely in the camera using multiple exposures with each shot consisting of only 2 to 3 exposures max. The mysterious and wondrous feel of these images is made by simply using various lighting and focusing techniques that vary per exposure. Typically the flower was backlit in one exposure, the background was exposed in the next and the subject was lit separately.

How'd he do that? At right are the intermediate steps/exposures used to make 'Faint Halo' shown top middle. The 1st exposure has sharp focus and is backlit with a single tungsten spotlight. A white reflector was used to fill in light on the front. The 2nd exposure is backlit only and out of focus to make a larger outline. A color gel covering the light creates the bluish hue. The combined shot is the actual double exposure as it appears on film.

1st 2nd Combined
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