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Colored Glassware Photographic Technique

These colorful glassware photographs were all made using a 100mm macro lens and Fuji Velvia 35mm slide film. Because of the low light levels you can expect very slow shutter speeds. This makes Velvia an even better choice as it doesn't suffer from reciprocity failure in exposures between 1 to 30 seconds in duration.

The glassware was all clear glass that was lit from below on a light box covered with colored gels. Many interesting pieces of glassware can be found at local thrift stores for a minimum cost. A good source for an inexpensive variety of colored gels to start with is the Bogen Vivid Colors #1 which comes with 12 gels of primary colors.

A detailed description of this technique was covered in a presentation entitled "A Touch of Glass" which was be given in a session at N4C’s Contemporary Photography Workshop on October 12, 1996 and 2 sessions at FotoClave '97. The presentation included a 30 minute slide show, 30 minute materials and techniques overview followed by 1-2 hours of hands on experimentation using the participants own camera and film.

This workshop event can be scheduled for your photographic group or camera club.

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