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Deluxe Pens - The last time I bought a couple of boxes of pens I decided it was time to photograph them. The background is composed of about 24 interlocked pens organized into a diagonal array. A lighter subject pen was deliberately selected to stand out from the background and that little touch of red on the cap of the pen. The only special technique being used in this shot is adding color to the plastic pens using a red reflector, thus repeating the red on the pen cap. The plastic pen parts all reflect the red color of the cardboard reflector while the reflective metal still appears metallic colored.  

Bottle Mystique - This is a simple shot of a perfume bottle that I had been contemplating for quite some time.I finally decided that the curved plastic cap was what I wanted to emphasize. The cap was lit with a 250w tungsten spot fitted with a snoot, color correction gel and polarizer gel. A circular polarizer was used on the camera to eliminate the reflections of the polarized spot light in the glass bottle. The background was created with a blue gel on top of a light box. A sheet of plastic coated drafting paper then covered the entire light box and was lifted at the back to create the graduated fade to black.

  Illumination - One night I remembered we had these little light bulbs in a new light fixture in the bathroom. The goal was to shoot the light bulb with a inner glow, or illumination. The set was composed of a variety of colored gels scattered over a light box. A Mikasa dish was placed on top of the gels with the light bulb on top of the dish. The focus was on the tungsten bulb element with a very shallow depth of field used to create the soft radiating aura around the top and sides of the bulb. The first exposure was for the background of colored gels on the light box. The second exposure was to record the yellowish swirling light inside the bulb created using a flashlight.
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