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Dry Skin - This is a simple technique known as a 'sandwich' where you take two separate slides and press them together to form a single image. The photo of this lovely lady's torso was sandwiched together with an overexposed slide of peeling paint on a wall. In order to make a successful sandwich, one of the two slides (or both) must be overexposed. Sometimes I just go out and shoot a variety of overexposed textures just for using in sandwich slides. When you have two properly exposed slides you can still make a sandwich, but you must dupe the sandwich and correct the exposure on the dupe slide.

Cranium Vase - This shot came about one night while I was tinkering around. The flowers were shoved into the sinus cavity of this dog skull. Alas, poor Rover, I knew him well! The main light was actually set up behind the flowers for backlighting and the inside of the flowers were 'painted with light' during a lengthy exposure.


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