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We were staying in a hotel only a few blocks from the Louvre, it was our last night in Paris, and it was raining. I convinced Fran to rush over to the Louvre with me in the rain to take some photos. Fran was holding umbrellas over herself and the camera while I was getting drenched. I was using one hand to stabilize a broken tripod while trying to take photos between wiping off the rain that kept hitting the front of my lens. We barely got 8 or so shots in 30 minutes before the lights in the Louvre were turned off. Timing is everything!


This is a very unusual shot taken from inside the elevator shaft of the Eiffel Tower. We had just come down from the top and everyone had been cleared out of the elevator. I stayed just behind the exit door while the next crowd was loading into the elevator. When I heard the elevator start to go up I stepped back into the elevator area and snapped a few quick shots.

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